Nous la rebâtirons, tous ensemble. Paris, April 16th, 2019

Shocked by what happened last night in Paris. Last August I was able to visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame again with my family, and today I am even more aware of the fact that it was a real privilege. This monument has existed for over 800 years, can you realise it? It represents a very important legacy not only for the French or the Catholics, but for all men. The walls of Notre-Dame have witnessed many historical events (epidemics, wars, liberations), and history is important, very important. It reminds us where we come from and serves as a teaching to improve ourselves, to learn from the mistakes that have been made in the past and to prevent us from repeating them. Not to mention - of course - the incredible beauty of this monument, built thanks to the immense efforts of so many men from all over Europe, and during several centuries! I hope with all my heart that one day, not too far away, our children and grandchildren will be able to enter that wonderful cathedral again, just as I did a few months ago with my family. For those who had never visited the monument, this is a short video that I shot inside Notre-Dame just last August, the roof you see now is gone. But I'm sure the French, and all of us, will react. Nous la rebâtirons, tous ensemble.


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